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CSCW stands for Computer Supported Cooperative Work. Here are some sites with information about CSCW.
CSCW & Groupware
Tom Brink's site. As he defines it: "Groupware" is often used to specifically denote the technology that people use to work together, whereas "CSCW" refers to the field that studies the use of that technology. Lots of links to other sites.
CSCW Human Issues List
The list focuses on the human issues raised by, or exposed by the use of technology to support human-human communication.
CSCW Bibliography
Greenberg, S. (1991) "An annotated bibliography of computer supported cooperative work." In ACM/SIGCHI Bulletin, July. Also in Greenberg, S. (ed.) Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Groupware, Academic Press, London.
CSCW Bibliography
This is a gateway to the Refdbms bibliographic database on CSCW at the Chair Applied Informatics - Distributed Systems at Technische Universität München. The database contains citations covering distributed file systems, distributed applications, Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), distributed multi-user editors and some other related topics. Sometimes the abstract of the paper is included, in other cases some annotations are included. In order to use this page your browser must be able to handle forms.
CSCW-North is an informal group of researchers and practitioners who are located in the North of the UK.
Basic Support for Cooperative Work
"The BSCW Shared Workspace System supports efficient group cooperation using the World Wide Web as the communication infrastructure." The system is available free of charge for non-commercial use.
Collaborative Computing
an international quarterly journal which covers the areas of groupwork, collaborative systems, telecommunications, computing and distributed systems.
WWW Collaboration Projects
This is a list of resources about collaboration technologies and WWW projects that support collaboration by participants.
The unOfficial Yellow Pages of CSCW
a list of CSCW products and research projects collected by Pål S. Malm
MIT: Center for Coordination Science (CCS)
defines coordination science, provides articles on the topic, latest research information, and lists people and places that are also involved.

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